1988 Porsche 962 CK6

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1988 Porsche 962 CK6


Kremer’s long and rich history with racing Porsches continued into the glorious 1980s Group C era, initially with the CK5 in 1982 (based upon the 936), and in 1986, the CK6 (based upon the factory 962C) – the ‘C’ representing Group C and the ‘K’ for Kremer. Using drawings provided by the Porsche factory, Kremer developed a new chassis that closely followed Porsche’s highly successful design, but used an aluminium honeycomb construction to improve rigidity and safety.

This car was the second CK6 01 built for the Japanese Leyton House Racing Team to replace the first chassis crashed heavily in practice for the 1988 Fuji 500 Miles. It was first pressed into service at the Suzuka 1000 km in 1988, with Bruno Giacomelli and Naoki Nagasaka finishing fourth on the car's debut. It continued to race successfully into 1989 in both the World Sports Prototype Championship and also the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, where results included a race win for Hideki Okada and Masanori Sekiya in the 1989 Fuji 500 Miles. Following the 1989 season, the car was returned to Kremer Racing in Germany and was retired from contemporary racing. Chassis CK6 01-2 was retained as part of Erwin Kremer’s personal collection and eventually prepared for historic racing, making its ‘modern-historic’ debut in 2004. With drivers Ralf Kelleners and Caspar Elgaard, it proved a race winner across Europe.

Rebuilt at the Kremer factory, and wearing one of the great Group C liveries, CK6 01-2 represents a wonderful opportunity to race in Patrick Peter’s Group C series, in one of the era’s greatest cars - the Porsche 962.

The car comes with a complete list of owners, detailed pictures and invoices from its rebuild at Kremer, its Wagenpass, and a personal email from the late Erwin Kremer confirming its history.