1965 Cobra 289 MK II continuation

1965 Cobra 289 MK II continuation

1965 Cobra 289 MK II continuation


We are delighted to offer the best and the most accurate Cobra 289 continuation ever built. 


Chassis/body unit:

  1. Aluminium body over steel tubular frame by Kirkham, with modifications for accuracy.  3" diameter main frame tubes


Modifications to frame:

  1. Brackets for original rubber wishbone bushes in place of rose joints
  2. Bracing for wishbone brackets
  3. Welded front pedal box tube
  4. Footbox support brackets replaced with accurate items made to AC Cars drawings for RHD car
  5. Original Cobra gearbox mounting bracket in place of usual Mustang item
  6. Correct brackets added for clutch hose
  7. Discrete holes for anti-corrosion protection lance treatment, sealed with plugs


Modifications to body:

  1. Kirkham front bulkhead removed and replaced with new panel to original specification
  2. Hardwood fillet closer fitted between upper and lower bulkhead panels, as per AC Cars
  3. Front spring apertures fitted with rubber weather sheets as per AC Cars
  4. Front footwell boxes reshaped as per original COB AC Cars
  5. 'Transition panel' over front of transmission tunnel remade to correct dimensions
  6. Floor panels refitted with marine ply fillet wedges under supporting outriggers as per AC Cars
  7. Rear bulkhead removed and remade to correct AC Cars specification, with lower 'step' than Kirkham
  8. Transmission tunnel cover remade to AC Cars specification and dimensions
  9. Dashboard panel remade to AC Cars pattern and specification for instrument positions
  10. Rear closing panel for petrol tank removed and remade to AC Cars specification
  11. Boot side panels/inner rear wheelarches remade to correct shape, enclosing taillamps and including holes for access to fuel tank retaining clamps, as per AC Cars.  Large rubber grommets to close, as per AC Cars
  12. Fresh-air pipework and vents fitted to both footwell boxes, with 'AIR' control knobs to each side of dashboard



  1. The engine block is a very rare 5-bolt bellhousing Ford 289 V8 Hipo casting, correct for virtually all leaf spring Cobras.  The much more common 6-bolt 289 (Mustang) block was only used in period in a small run of 6 automatic-transmission leaf spring Cobras. 
  2. Original Cobra-specification parts used in this car's engine include:
  3. Engine block, stamped no. 5529
  4. Cast-iron cylinder heads
  5. Ford intake manifold
  6. Early type front cover
  7. Water pump (aluminium, right-side inlet)
  8. Oil pump
  9. Pressed steel sump with oil temp. sender boss
  10. Crankshaft
  11. Connecting rods
  12. Autolite dual point non-vacuum distributor (containing Pertronix concealed module with built-in rev limiter
  13. C3OF-AJ Autolite 4100 Hipo 4-barrel carburettor
  14. Throttle linkage constructed from original drawings
  15. Autolite alternator with correct date code stamp and Hipo pulley
  16. Original cast-iron Y-shape exhaust manifolds, two each side
  17. Original (and very rare) Ford mechanical fan, fitted by Shelby on assembly for removal once engine run-in, but often retained to aid with cooling
  18. Modern parts used:
  19. Forged pistons
  20. '271' Hipo camshaft to original grind characteristics
  21. Modern unleaded big valves and seats with matched valve springs
  22. Magnum roller rockers
  23. ARP fasteners used internally, where not visible



  1. 5-bolt original cast aluminium Ford bellhousing, original narrow pattern
  2. McLeod Kevlar diaphragm clutch, steel billet flywheel, ARP fasteners
  3. Rare NOS correct early Cobra clutch release bearing lever for 5-bolt bellhousing
  4. Original specification clutch master cylinder with built-in reservoir
  5. Borg Warner T10L aluminium-cased 4-speed Cobra transmission, built using internally-strengthened castings and supplied by Jim Cowles of Shelby Parts and Restoration, WI (note:  no Cobra left the factory with a Toploader, or a 5-speed).  All internal gearbox components are either new or re-engineered originals.  The casing is dated March, 1964
  6. Fully restored original shifter mechanism
  7. New propellor shaft built by Bailey Morris of Eaton Socon, Cambs


Rear Axle and Drive Shafts:

  1. Kirkham aluminium Cobra differential casing containing 3.31:1 CR/P set, LSD, using original chassis mounting brackets
  2. New Kirkham telescopic drive shafts to AC Cars specification


Fuel System:

  1. Stainless steel fuel tank
  2. PTFE braided flexible fuel line, resistant to ethanol in modern fuels
  3. Airtex mechanical fuel pump to original pattern, with built-in 'Fomoco' fuel filter canister
  4. Fuel line follows correct route and feeds to original restored C3OF-AJ Autolite 4100 4-barrel carburettor
  5. Accelerator linkage made to original drawings for RHD car


Cooling System:

  1. Radtec aluminium radiator built to AC Cars specification and painted black.  Commissioned original McCord pattern header tank
  2. Commissioned cast aluminium lower hose Otter switch manifold to AC Cars drawing
  3. Cobra bleed screw and water temp. take-off fitting
  4. Original-spec. Dayco top and bottom hoses


Suspension and Running Gear:

  1. Suspension components are all new, made to original AC Cars specification by Hawk Cars, UK
  2. Stock 'street' Cobra non-adjustable front and rear wishbones, rubber bushed to chassis mounts, braced for strength
  3. Original AC-specification ball joints, upper trunnions, spring eye bushings, rear lower pivot pins, wheel bearings, seals, stub axles, hub carriers and leaf springs.  Springs treated with OGL and Denso tape as original.
  4. AC-specification steering rack with extended track rod ends
  5. New universal joints throughout steering mechanism
  6. Original Cobra mounting brackets for steering column in footwell
  7. Throttle stop for accelerator pedal reproduced from AC Cars drawings
  8. AC Cars street-specification wire wheel hubs and bearing carriers


Wheels and tyres:

  1. Motor Wheel Services complete stainless steel wire wheels, 6 x 15, fitted with ER70-R15 Dunlop SP Sport radial tyres (eqivalent to 205/70 VR15), giving a good period tread pattern.  A spare is included in the spare wheel well.
  2. 'AC Cars' chromed wire wheel spinners


Braking System:

  1. Original restored street-specification 3-piston Girling cast-iron brake calipers (correct AC part numbers) front and rear.  All brake pipe runs are exactly to AC Cars original specification, using original pipework clips in original positions.  Cunifer pipe used for safety reasons
  2. Original reconditioned handbrake lever
  3. Original specification brake master cylinders with correct 'small-tank' remote metal reservoirs


Electrical System:

  1. Wiring harness by Autosparks to original AC specification, conversion to alternator with remote regulator
  2. Harness routed to AC specification, with components mounted in UK market (COB car) positions, all soldered bullet/Lucar connectors used where appropriate, and all correct colour-coding used
  3. All switchgear is either original Cobra or quality reproduction.  All switches are to original specification and using original or NOS knobs
  4. A pair of original NOS Lucas 9H Windtone horns is fitted ahead of the radiator
  5. A rare original NOS Lucas DR3 6-wire wiper motor with reverse park is fitted, operated by a NOS PRS7 rotary switch.  Original NOS Cobra washer jets are fitted, with a Lucas 2SJ electric glass-bottle washer reservoir



  1. The grille is reconstructed to original AC design in aluminium with an outward return at the back of each vertical slat.  Bumpers and overriders are correct Cobra items, and the filler cap is a new Ceandess 'keyhole' button cap, correct for Cobra.  The bonnet badge on this car was originally mounted on an original AC Cobra.  As a COB car, this Cobra does not have the 'Powered by Ford' badges on the front wings - these were only fitted to US-market 'CSX' cars


Interior and Trim:

  1. The aluminium dashboard is covered with skived leather and is exactly to leaf spring Cobra dimensions.  All mounting screws are of the correct size and pattern, chromed as appropriate.  The rear wheelarches are also covered with leather, as are the dashboard strut braces.  Karvel carpet, as close to original specification as available, is fitted throughout to original patterns taken from a surviving unrestored car.  Edge binding detail is to AC specification as are rubber floor inserts and fasteners for footwell carpets
  2. The doors are trimmed with Karvel carpet and are fitted with leather door pouches and check straps, with leather door latch straps to the original-pattern chrome door latches
  3. The glovebox is made to AC drawings, with glovebox lid made to original specification using 1/4" Birch ply, cotton wadding and leather covering.   An original AC glovebox lock is fitted, and the lid is mounted using a chromed hinge commissioned from the original manufacturer
  4. A very rare original Delaney-Gallay heater unit is fitted, with a new motor, fan and matrix installed.  This is operated by an original rotary heater switch
  5. Seats are reproductions of original Cobra seats, in black leather with Karvel carpet backing.  The seats run on a set of original Cobra Leveroll seat runners, with original Bakelite adjustment knobs
  6. Speedometer and Revcounter are specially-commissioned restorations of period instruments.  These are accurate down to the part numbers on the faces and the exact correct pointers, not available currently from any manufacturers
  7. Minor instruments are all original reconditioned Smiths or modern reproductions.  The water temperature gauge was also specially commissioned as the correct dial range for Cobras is not available
  8. Weathergear is custom-made to the original pattern by Simtrim of Spalding.  Hood and tonneau cover are made from original pattern Everflex, with window shape, stitching patterns and fixings etc. made to AC specification taken from preserved original items.  These are very different from the standard reproduction offerings commonly available.  Hood and tonneau bags are also included
  9. Sidescreens were trimmed and shaped by Simtrim of Spalding in the correct Everflex finish.  These are stowed in an elasticated vinyl pouch on the rear bulkhead, made from an original pattern and fixed with the correct specification and number of chromed and cup-washered trim screws
  10. The windscreen is an AC Cars specification item, fitted with a correct-for-year 'ELLIOTT' manufacturer's badge retained by brass 8BA screws.  Wind wings and smoked sunvisors are fitted, along with an original restored 'Raydyot' side mirror
  11. Original AC sidescreen buffer brackets are fitted to the top of the windscreen, with one-off commissioned rubber buffers installed to reduce rattling when sidescreens are in use
  12. Correct demister vents for a 1965 leaf spring car are installed
  13. A 16" Motolita woodrim steering wheel is fitted, with matte black boss and a NOS indicator /horn switch, with an AC Cars specification centre emblem
  14. Foot pedals are cast aluminium with 'AC' logo cast-in
  15. Throttle pedal stop to footwell commissioned from AC drawings


Boot/trunk Area:

  1. The boot is trimmed to AC Cars' specification.  The boot interior is sprayed silver over aluminium, including wiring, as originally presented.  Aluminium covers have been fabricated and fitted over the taillamps to increase brightness, and the original AC-type boot prop is fitted.  Hood sticks and jack rods are retained by the correct clamps, fitted with chromed wing nuts from the original supplier.  A correct Shelley jack is clipped to the rear bulkhead



In this car, UNF, BSW and BA fasteners have been used throughout, with particular attention paid to period style of fastener (e.g. slotted head etc.) and correct plating/treatment finish.

Anti corrosion protection comprises lance injection of Dinitrol HP cavity wax into all chassis tubing and the use of ACF50 Aerospace anti-corrosion spray on all bare aluminium panels.  Under-wheelarch areas have been sprayed with an etch primer, Terotex 2000 high quality rubberised anti-stone chip covering, primer and topcoat.  Dinitrol 4941 external wax protection was then applied over this.

The car has two sets of two keys, one for ignition and one for paired boot and glovebox.  Two keyrings are supplied, being NOS AC Cars keyring medallions remounted on high-quality leather fobs by Classic Leather Fobs.



Modern modifications:

  1. 12V power socket beneath dashboard on N/S
  2. 12V waterproof charging socket behind N/S front wheel
  3. Complete vehicle system safety fuse under dashboard
  4. Dis-car-nect terminal with fuse on battery earth terminal
  5. Socket concealed in glovebox for connection of Brantz electronic tripmeter
  6. Security devices are fitted
  7. This car is correctly registered with DVLA for UK use