1967 Lola T70 MkIII

Road registered

1967 Lola T70 MkIII

Road registered with DVLA, tax exempt and with current V5 this Lola T70 MkIII has been fully restored and adapted for road use. The car comes with continuous ownership and sales invoices from each change of ownership. The current owner converted the car to be road legal in 2010. Since then he has used it on the road extensively. It was the subject of an Octane magazine article last October. The article concluded: “Does a Lola T70 make a practical road car? Oh yes. Abso-bloomin’-lutely!” Given the car still retains a race clutch, Hewland LG600 gearbox and race engine it is quite an endorsement to the owner and his engineer!


SL73/103 was delivered new to John Mecom in USA, and was raced actively for two seasons before being sold to Charlie Hayes of Hayes Race Equipment, California. He sold it to Dieter Zedecher in LA who sold it in 1979 to Mac McClendon who kept it until selling to our client in 2009.


Race history highlights include:


                                                Binghampton Auto Racing Fraternity

23/04/67         Las Vegas GP, USRRC                          #1        B.Eve               3rd       

30/04/67         Riverside GP, USRRC                           #14      B.Eve               7th       

07/05/67         Laguna Sec 200, USRRC                      #14      B.Eve               6th       

21/05/67         Bridgehampton, USRRC                      #10      B.Eve               Rtd      


                                                Webster Racing Enterprises

15/10/67         Monterey GP, Laguna Sec Can-Am    #75      T.Settember    Rtd

28/04/68         Riverside 200, USRRC                         #76      T.Settember    10th

09/06/68         Rose Cup, Portland SCCA                    #76      T.Settember    2nd


                                                Faustina Racing Enterprise

16/02/69         Riverside SoCal Regional SCCA          #91      L.Faustina        1st

30/03/69         Sears Point SCCA                                 #86      L.Faustina        2nd

21/04/69         Riverside Continental                         #96      L.Faustina        1st

04/05/69         Phoenix National                                 #96      L.Faustina        3rd


The car is at our showroom ready to be inspected and driven!