2010 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Sebring 12hr winner, Petit Le Mans winner, Le Mans 2010 - race-ready

Race-ready example of the most beautiful factory LMP1 car of them all

2010 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP - Sebring 12hr winner, Petit Le Mans winner, Le Mans 2010 - race-ready


The 2010 Peugeot 908 LMP1 is one of the most staggering sports racing prototypes of all time - powered by a 5500cc twin-turbo V12 Diesel engine producing well in excess of 700bhp and a monumental 900ft/lb torque, the model will remain one of the fastest race cars on the planet for many years to come. In addition to the remarkable 'High Pressure Direct Injection' (HDi) V12, the aerodynamics of the 908 are focused on enormous downforce, but with aerodynamic efficiency at the forefront. With huge long straights such as the Mulsanne at Le Mans, not only must these LMP1s be hugely powerful and laden with downforce, but they must be slippery enough to achieve nearly 220mph at La Sarthe. 

Not only did the model win Le Mans overall in 2009, it also won a huge number of 1000km races, Sebring 12hr, Petit Le Mans, and the 2010 Le Mans Series overall championship. It is also regarded as the most beautiful sports prototype of its generation and was one of the most exceptionally well-funded race programs in the history of the sport. This infinite budget can be seen all over the car - truly a work of art, whether you are looking in the engine bay full of CNC-milled lightweight parts, the amazingly intricate engine block, the perfectly laid-out interior, or the aggressive, brutal but beautiful bodywork. Every corner of the car has the same treatment, right down to the door hinges. 

The car we have on offer is chassis 09 - the 2010 Sebring 12hr and Petit Le Mans winner. The full list of 2010 results for the car are as follows:

Sebring 12hr - WINNER

Spa 1000km - 4th overall

Le Mans 24hr - DNF (enigne)

Petit Le Mans - WINNER

Zhuhai 1000km - 4th overall 

Chassis 09 is race-ready and has recently returned from Le Mans where it was driven prior to the 24hr by Groupe PSA CEO, Carlos Tavares, as part of the Peugeot Hypercar launch.

A very special opportunity to acquire one of the most significant Le Mans prototypes in the history of the sport and one with blue-riband success.

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