2001 BMW Z3M Coupe (S54)

S54 engined version was built from February 2001 until May 2002.

2001 BMW Z3M Coupe (S54)


We are delighted to offer this very original, S54 BMW Z3M coupe, finished in Titanium Silver Metallic with black leather interior.

They car has been maintained to the highest standard and has a full service history with all the recalls having been carried out. 
The BMW Z3M Coupe is an exquisite example of retro design. Styled in the spirit of BMW’s iconic pre-war 328, the Z3M coupe is one of the 21st centuries most recognisable shapes. The BMW Z3 showed such promise when first produced in 1996 but it lacked the engine and performance that that it so rightly deserved. This was rectified in 2000 when BMW built its first M-Powered Z3 using an S50 engine. The car on offer here is one only of 168 right hand drive second series cars that featured the much improved S54 engine. The second series car came with traction control and more power was available thanks to new S54 engine.
The car produced 325 bhp and due the Z3’s lightweight construction, it was able to reach 60 mph from standstill in just 5.1 seconds. This straight-line performance was complemented by an extremely competent and stiff chassis that made for great driver feedback and fantastic handling characteristics. The overall package of both engine, chassis and styling led the BMW Z3M coupe to win Top Gear’s “Drivers car of the car” back in 2000 upon its initial release.
The car on offer is a highly specified car with an extensive options list including dynamic stability control III, luggage compartment net, seat heating for both driver and passenger, air conditioning, ipod adapter fitted and a BMW M Sport steering wheel. 

  • 165 were built for European RHD, with 123 sold in the UK
  • The S54 engined version was built from February 2001 until May 2002