1957 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT - UK Press Car - Rare Right hand drive

2010 Mille Miglia entrant - Continuous history - Beautifully restored

1957 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT - UK Press Car - Rare Right hand drive

In 1951 Lancia launched the Pininfarina styled stunning Aurelia B20 Gran Turismo. Immediately considered a true style icon, the B20GT was also fast with a top speed of over 100mph. Stunning the motor racing world, a mildly race-developed B20 driven by Giovanni Bracco finished 2nd in the 1951 Mille Miglia, beaten only by a works Ferrari! In fact the nimble Aurelia was actually faster than the Ferrari over the mountain passes north of Florence.

In 1953 the 3rd and subsequent series B20s were powered by an increased 2,451cc, 118bhp version of the pushrod V6, while 4th-series onwards cars had De Dion rear suspension instead of the original semi-trailing-arm arrangement. The Lancia factory publication, 'The History of Lancia 1906-1989', states that 1,231 2.0-litre B20 GTs were produced (Series I and II) plus a further 1,880 2½-litre cars (Series III to VI).

Our car, Chassis B20 – 3857 is the ultimate Series VI, first registered in 1957 and one of only 25 cars imported by Lancia UK Limited. Initially the works demonstrator the car was driven extensively by the UK motoring press for their road tests. The car retains today the same UK registration, 5 LME, as it did in the Autocar road test published in November 1957.

The car was subject to a total bare metal restoration in Italy in 1990’s which is fully recorded on file with photos. In 2008 the car was reimported to UK and sent to Lancia specialists, Omicron who prepared the car for 2010 Mille Miglia. At that point the car was issued with FIVA papers. Sold to the current owner, a noted car collector, by Hall and Hall in 2013 this immaculate and historic car has a continuous and full history. Now ready for driving or potential concours showing.