1997 Porsche 993 GT2 Evolution

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1997 Porsche 993 GT2 Evolution


Built by Porsche Sport Stuttgart March 1997, race prepared by Labre Compétition.

Specification: The GT2 Evolution was the final development by Porsche of the 911 GT2, giving its customer teams a car that could compete with the GT1 cars at the 24H Le Mans in 1996. Although similar in shape to the GT2, the Evolution is a much more sophisticated car. With GT1 engine specifications (40.4mm restrictors and unrestricted exhausts) its twin turbo-charged M64/83 engine produced in excess of 600bhp at 7000rpm with 720Nm torque at 5000rpm. To meet the minimum weight limit of 1150kg, the Evolution uses Kevlar panels, rather than steel or aluminium, and an assortment of lightweight parts elsewhere on the car. The Evolution also has improved aerodynamics with larger rear aerofoil and front air dam. Additionally, Porsche raised the front edge of the rear window, improving the airflow over the rear aerofoil. The body shape allowed the use of 10.5 J18 front rims (265/645x18 tyres) and 12.5 J18 rear (325/680x18 tyres).

Chassis ‘074’, a three-time entrant at Le Mans with the ‘Chereau’ team (Larbre Compétition) was in active service from 1997 until the end of the 1999 season. In that time, it raced at Le Mans three times, entered the FIA GT Championship and finally the French GT Championship, where it was an outright race winner. Since then it has been used sparingly, never been crashed, and retains its original shell and engine. It has also been the subject of a recent and comprehensive rebuild, with absolutely no expense spared.


A fabulous entry for the both the new Masters Le Mans Legends Series and Global Endurance Legends.


Race History

Le Mans
1997 24 hour Le Mans (Car 77)
Jean-Pierre Jarier, Jean-Luc Chéreau, Jack Leconte - DNF gearbox
1998 24 hour Le Mans (Car 60)
Jean-Pierre Jarier, Carl Rosenblad, Robin Donovan - DNF suspension
1999 24 hour Le Mans (Car 65)
Patrice Goueslard, Pierre Yver, Jean-Luc Chéreau – 23rd

1997 Suzuka
Goueslard, Chéreau, Leconte – 6th OA
1997 Zhuhai
Goueslard, Malcher – 8th OA
1998 Jarama
Chéreau, Pareja – 5th OA

FFSA GT 1998
3rd overall in the championship after contesting only 6 of the 12 races.
Drivers: Goueslard/Sourd
Finished 1st & 2nd
Spa Francorchamps
Finished 3rd & 2nd
Finished 1st & DNF